Mergers & acquisitions

Transaction Advisory

• Acquisitions (LBO, MBO, MBI, Buy & Build)
• Sale of companies or divestitures of assets
• Mergers
• Joint ventures

Financial Advisory

• Valuation
• Negotiations of transactions and related agreements
• Structuring and completion of transaction
• Financing of transaction

Strategy & Finance

Shareholder value creation

• Development of a growth strategy
• Strategic review of a company’s business units
• Analysis of threats and opportunities (sector/competitors)
• Management package appraisal

Strategy implementation

• Buy-and-Build strategy
• Financial modelling of a growth strategy
• Target screening and approach
• Negotiations and acquisitions
• Divestiture of non-strategic business units

Optimal financing structure

• Equity and quasi equity
• Private placement of bonds
• Bank debt
• Leasing



• Information memorandum concerning the company and his financing needs
• Approach of financing sources : PE funds, bond fixed income funds, or banks
• Negociations of funding agreements and completion

Capital market

• Advice on execution process to ensure value optimisation in capital market transactions (equity, convertible or exchangeable bonds)
• Selection and optimisation of bank syndicate structures
• Use of data intensive processes to provide clients with comprehensive investor mapping and improve transaction execution
• Advice throughout the transaction to provide management with information and feedback to enhance decision-making

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